• Xanthan Gumxanthan gum

    It is a thickeners, viscosifying agent with super suspension powder used   as preservative stabilizer in water based and dry powder formulations.   Xanthan Gum is used   in a large number of applications as a suspending agent and emulsion stabilizer   for sauces and dressings a foam enhancer in some dairy desserts and in bakery   and pastry as an improver of doughs volume.

    Available Grades:-

    Xanthan Gum ( Regular Grade )

    Xanthan Gum ( Cosmetic Grade )

    Xanthan Gum ( Food & Pharma Grade )

    Properties :-

    Appearance                                        White to Cream yellowish free powder

    Soluble in Water                                 Yes

    Packing                                               25 kg bag or Cartoon

    Mesh                                                   200 and 80



    It is useful to stabilize ice creams especially in short time, high temperature processes preventing any variation in viscosity. It gives a dry feel and slows melt down in ice creams, sorbets and popsicles.


    Adding it to the dough increases yield, gives better/softer texture, improves handling and increases shelf life.

    Pet Food:

    Its ability to act as a thickener proves useful as a process aid during pet food production.


    In meat products, it acts as a lubricant and also prevents loss of weight during storage by binding moisture.

    Paper Industry:

    It is used as a wet end additive in the papermaking process. It improves sheet formation and physical properties.

    Mining Industry:

    It aids in the ore concentration process by depressing gangue material during froth flotation. As a settling agent it improves the settling rate of suspended solids in slimes. It lumps together small particles in slimes resulting in better filtration.


    It thickens creams and lotions.


    It is added to explosive mixes as its ability to swell and seal out water helps retains the properties of the mix even in wet conditions.

    Oil well drilling:

    It acts as a stabilizer and is used to control water flow and the flow of drilling mud.



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