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    One of the largest applications of detergents is for cleaning clothing. The formulations are complex, reflecting the diverse demands of the application and the highly competitive consumer market.

    In general, laundry detergents contain water softeners, surfactants, bleach, enzymes, brighteners, fragrances, and many other agents.The formulation is strongly affected by the temperature of the cleaning water and varies from country to country.

    We are the leading supplier of chemicals in detergent industry since we started up.

    Almost all the products are available with us at very very competitive prices.

    Soda Ash

    Foam Booster

    Sodium Meta Sulphate

    Sodium Sulphate

    Power Balls

    Acid Slurry

    Caustic Soda

    Soda Bi-Carb


    Tri Sodium Phosphate

    Boric Acid



    Tinopal (Brighteners)


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