Recommended for hot dyeing (80°C) of Cotton, Linen and Viscose Rayon butnot silk.

    Not as popular or versatile as the Procion MX cold dyeing dyes because:

      • Dye bath needs to be heated
      • Limited range of colours
      • Colours not as vibrant as the Procion MX dyes
      • Longer dyeing times than Procion MX dyes
      • Procion MX dyes much better on silk

    The only instance where the hot dyeing Procion H-E dyes are preferred           to the cold dyeing MX dyes is when very thick, tightly woven fabrics are           being dyed, when the hot dyeing temperature helps the dye to penetrate           into the dense fabric.


    Gayatri Dyes & Chemicals Offers the Wide range of Hot Series for Dying Processes:-

    Golden Yellow HER

    Golden Yellow HE4R

    Golden Yellow HE4G

    Yellow HE6G

    Orange HER1918_1902_procion_color_chart

    Orange HE2R

    Navy Blue HER

    Navy Blue HE2R

    Blue H5R

    Blue HERD

    Red HE8B

    Red HE7B

    Red HE3B

    Black HEBL

    Turq Blue H2GP

    Turq Blue HEG

    Green HE4BD

    Khaki HEG

    Brown HE2G

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