About Direct Dyes And Range of Dyes that Gayatri Offers

    Direct Dyes is a class of dyestuffs that are applied directly to the substrate in a neutral or alkaline bath. They produce full shades on cotton and linen without mordanting and can also be applied to rayon, silk, and wool. Direct dyes give bright shades but exhibit poor washfastness. Various Direct Dyesaftertreatments are used to improve the washfastness of direct dyes, and such dyes are referred to as “aftertreated direct colors.”Direct Dyes are molecules that adhere to the fabric molecules without help from other chemicals. Direct dyes are defined as anionic dyes with substantivity for cellulosic fibres, normally applied from an aqueous dyebath containing an electrolyte, either sodium chloride (NaCl) or sodium sulfate (Na2SO4)..

    The dyeing process with direct dyes is very simple, Direct dyeing is normally carried out in a neutral or slight alkaline dyebath, at or near boiling point , but a separate aftertreatment such as cationic dye fixing , to Direct 2enhance wet fastness has been necessary for most direct dyeing .
    Direct dyes are used on cotton, paper,leather, wool, silk and nylon. They are also used as pH indicators and as biological stains.

    Application : it is used for water base dying of fabric

    Direct Dyes Range of colours:

    Congo Red

    Bordeaux BW

    Diozo BT

    Scarlet 4BS

    Sun Yellow RCH


    Bismark Brown

    Discharge Pink (Astra Flosine)

    Swiss Pink

    Direct Black

    Green B

    Green PLS

    Khaki 671

    Grey R

    Navy Blue




    Brown MR

    Lemon yellow


    Turqish blue

    Direct Dyes Matching Shades

    Orange BDC

    Orange SE

    Orange TGLL

    Red 12 B

    Sunfast Red 5B /5BL

    Voilet 2RL

    Rose BSA

    Green 2G

    Shakuntla Green

    Ramba Green

    Embarreled Green

    Parrot Green

    Olive  GG

    Brown JJ

    Brown GG

    Minerawa Khanki G

    Sunfast Blue GLL

    Sunfast Yellow 5 GLL

    Military Khaki

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