Gayatri Dyes & Chemicals is providing an array of Gayatri Acid Dyesthat are used in both textile and non textile industries. Gayatri acid dyes are used to dye protein fibres such as wool, angora, cashmere, and silk. Our acid dyes are used to dye Nylon, Jute, Leather, and feather. Our acid aciddyes go very well in production of Fluorescent Pigments, writing inks, Optical Whiteners (Liquid Neel) and colouring of Fertilizers, Pesticides, Cosmetics, Match Heads, paper pulp, detergents, dish washers, liquid hand wash & car care products. All the colours have good fastness properties with deep & brilliant shades. Our range includes:

    Colours Available in Gayatri Range Of Acid Dyes are mentioned below:-

    Acid Voilet 4BS

    Scarlet 3R


    Ink Blue

    Acid Orange

    Bismark Brown

    Patent Blue A -75

    Acid Black

    Blue FF

    Red G

    Red RS

    Fast Red GRS

    Red 3BN

    Black BX

    Black MSRL

    Navy Blue 2RNX(S5R)

    Royal Blue

    Commasive Blue

    Yellow 5GN



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